What could be better than organising parties?!

…the answer: nothing! We love our work so much that we can’t think of anything more fun to do than to see some of the most incredible and surreal events come to life.

We organise events for the biggest occasions of the year at all of London’s most exclusive VIP clubs, such as Cirque le Soir, London Reign Showclub, Tape London, Maddox, and many more. Working as a City Fiestas Promoter is by far the best way to have a lot of fun during your time as a student and make some great money!

We are looking for sociable, driven and intuitive individuals studying at any London university to join our growing brand and energetic team. If you’re excited by all of the amazing parties we organise, love to have fun and simultaneously want to see your own legendary events come to life, then this is the role for you.

Applying can’t be easier! Simply click on the ‘BECOME A REP’ button on our events page HERE on Fatsoma and you’ll be ready to start promoting. Our team will also be in touch via email to offer advice on how to get started.