Afraid of heights?🌆

We’re thrilled to announce this year’s much-anticipated Masquerade Winter Ball, celebrating the End of Term for all university students, and the end (almost) of a great year that was 2020🎉

Bring your most decorated Masquerade masks for a very lavish party on the 28th floor of a City skyscraper, Millbank Tower, in Westminster, for a 360° view of London overlooking the Big Ben, London Eye, and River Thames. London Sky Bar is the most famous spot to watch the New Year’s Eve fireworks show because of its prime location and exceptional scenery, so this is an event you don’t want to miss!

Join us as we pop champagne bottles 130 metres closer to the clouds whilst enjoying the incredible view of London and plenty of amazing Burlqsue acts and other secret performances we have planned for you🥳 DJ Matt Calvert and MC Charley, both Cirque le Soir and Libertine residents will be attending to keep you all entertained😎

This is a club with a view like you have never seen before!!!

As always, please note that all City Fiestas VIP events sell out extra quick, so don’t miss out and purchase your tickets asap🤗


For tables or more info, WhatsApp us



- Ticket sales end 1st December, 4 pm

- This is an 18+ event. Bring your ID.
- Entry times: 9 pm - 11 pm

- Dress code: black tie for gents and evening dresses for ladies. Masquerade masks are highly encouraged, or you might be spotted👀


Our Masquerade Winter Ball will truly be one of a kind. Sipping champagne at 128 metres above ground level, not only can you expect spectacular views of London, but also spectacular performances that will make you feel like you've time-travelled back to the 1960s⚡💃our exhilarating Cabaret shows are yet another unique experience that City Fiestas is bringing to London students, and we're certain you'll only want more😆

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There are many skyscrapers and tall buildings in London, but only Millbank Tower is as perfectly located in the heart of Westminster. In fact, London Sky Bar offers a 360° view of all of London, enabling you to see unparalleled views that are worth a million photos📸

New Years fireworks

Tickets to be released in