Freshers week, also known as “Welcome Week” by some universities, describe the first week of the academic term at university, before lectures have officially started. This is the time that thousands of students move into their university accommodations, tour their campus, visit the Freshers Fair organised by almost all universities to sign up to societies- and, most fun of all- meet and make new friends by going to the mouth-dropping parties organised by us, City Fiestas. Freshers Week is the best time to get to know London and have endless fun at VIP clubs, gorgeous roof-top terraces, skyscrapers or lavish boat parties.

All of our events are organised for students 18+ of age. All guests need to bring proof-of-age ID such as a driving license or a Passport.

Yes, that is completely fine! You do not have to be attending University to come to our events, however please ensure they are of a similar age to yourselves!

Once you buy a Freshers Pass, you will be allowed entry at all of our events within the specific dates of your Freshers Pass.

You will receive an email from Fatsoma with your Freshers Pass attached. You will need to show this at the entry of the clubs in order to get in.

Important: you will need to message us on Instagram to confirm which events you will be attending at least 3 days before each event. As our events are in very high demand, they may already be at full capacity if you do not confirm your attendance in time. Entry is on a first-come-first-serve basis. If you do not confirm your attendance with us, you will not be added to the guestlist and may not be allowed entry.

Warning: you cannot buy a Freshers Pass for your friends. They need to buy their own individually. This is because the name on the Freshers Pass needs to be the same as the name on their ID/Passport!

Absolutely! We the ONLY event brand to offer a 100% refund on our Freshers Passes before September 11th 2022 if you simply no longer wish to attend, or if your plans change!

You will also get a full refund if our nightclub events are impacted by Covid-19 or subsequent government regulations

Or, if you do not get into your first choice University and will no longer be moving to London

Please message us on Instagram or Facebook if you would like to book a table at one of our events.

Mention the name of the event and the number of people that will be on your table and a member of our team will provide you with an appropriate minimum spend.

Message us on Instagram or Facebook the university you will be attending and we will send you all the dates you need and the recommended Freshers Pass to buy. Follow our Instagram for more info about this!

We would love to! We work with a range of universities and societies in London, so we have already been doing this for years. Just reach out to us via Instagram or email detailing what you’re looking for, and someone will be in touch 😊

Any other questions? Contact us on Instagram or Facebook for the quickest replies 😊