They say being a student is the best 3-4 years of your life. Our response? Not if you’re stuck in a library the whole time, it’s not! Being a student is great but only if you have a variety of great social or night-time events to go to and have fun at with your friends. Unfortunately, the nightlife experience in the UK has severely deteriorated, with many clubs offering the same overpriced tickets for the same repetitive night out. It’s not a surprise that students are going out less.

We at City Fiestas have the ultimate goal of reviving nightlife for everyone by creating some of the most unique, luxurious and outrageous events around. By working closely with universities, we are able to tailor each event to the exact specifications of our clients, ensuring we impress in our delivery and exceed expectations every time. We are not simply party organisers, but creators of our guests’ most memorable experiences, and that’s something we are very proud of. And, with over 50 sold-out events in the past few years, our reputation as creators of unforgettable experiences speaks for itself.